Above: CIT Expert 4 Tim Alexander running an active shooter seminar with Gabriel at Krav Maga Wellington. Read related Stuff article: 'Queensbury Rules this ain't - Learning the brutal Israeli self-defence of krav maga at a Wellington Workshop' by Lee Kenny.
Above: An end to a weekend full of self-defence seminars with CIT Tim Alexander.

Above: Bianca and Gabriel providing their support at the annual Zumba Pink Party to raise funds and awareness for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

Above: P5 Practitioner Peter supporting a session at the Adult Community Education at Tawa College.

Above: Knife defence training with IKMF senior practitioners.

Above: Instructor Gabriel Molina and Frank Yu Chen after being tested by CIT Tim Alexander in Auckland.

Above: Ground defence class at Krav Maga Wellington.

Above: IKMF Wellington rank test with Jared and Rebecca.

Above: Class warm up.

Above: Teaching self-defence techniques for student paramedics at Whitireia Community College with Shavez and Bianca.

Above: Practitioners learning defences while on the ground.